According to CNBC, the development of a new coronavirus vaccine will be the main economic task of the planet in the next 2021.

In his opinion, the European currency is more preferable.

According to Eurostat, Russian exports to the European Union decreased by 35.7% to 63.7 billion euros compared to 8 months last year. 

A milder recession in Germany is associated with a relatively low number of coronavirus infections. In addition, Germany is not as dependent on tourism as France, Italy and Spain, the OECD noted.

E-Commerce-Entwicklung ist eine Reihe von E-Commerce-Webinaren.

The award is given to organizations and individual entrepreneurs who have achieved the greatest success in exporting non-primary non-energy goods, activities, services, as well as the results of intellectual activity.

Bond zone-a warehouse with a special customs status, which is used for accumulation, storage and distribution of goods sold to individuals via Internet platforms. is the world's largest B2B platform that allows importers and exporters around the world to exchange business information and sell goods in bulk.