Against the background of a decrease in the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection, the regions are gradually lifting restrictions introduced in autumn and winter.

Victor Dostov, Head of the Association of Electronic Money and Money Transfer Market Participants, spoke about the possibility of implementing new payment systems in Russia.

With assistance of the "Volga-Rhine" Union,  a meeting of the heads of footwear companies - Sever LLC and Schwarz Schuhwerk Handels GmbH was held.

For the first time in the 25-year history of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, a committee for small and medium-sized businesses was founded.

A seminar was attended by managers and representatives of companies that send their products abroad.

It is expected that the US Federal Reserve System will implement the policy of "weak dollar".

The volume of net investments of German businesses in the Russian economy amounted to almost 700 million euros at the end of 2020.

The "Volga-Rhine" Union invites Chuvash industrial enterprises to participate in the international event.