On June 9, 2021, a delegation of the Volga-Rhine Union, led by the Acting General Director Dmitry Grinev, visited Yoshkar-Ola and met with the leadership of the Agency for Investment and Export Development of the Mari El Republic.

The Agency was founded by the Ministry of Industry, Economic Development and Trade of Mari El, the «Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mari El» and the microcredit organization «Entrepreneurship Support Fund of Mari El» for the development of foreign economic activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs of the Republic, aimed at improving their competitiveness, increasing production and sales of products.

The topic of the meeting was the introduction and presentation of the Volga-Rhine Union's services for the promotion of export-oriented products of the Mari El’s organizations to the EU market and the search for foreign partners in Germany.

For reference: during the coronacrisis, export of Mari El Republic fell by almost 21%, which indicates that many areas of small and medium-sized businesses were affected, and export routes for young companies were closed. In the period from January to May 2021, the volume of export increased by 12.2%, according to forecasts it will continue to increase.

During the meeting the following questions were discussed: the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between companies, the importance of sharing industry information, the possibility of organizing individual and collective meetings-consultations of the Union's experts with representatives of export-oriented enterprises of Mari El Republic were made. The first meeting is already scheduled for the second decade of June this year at the Agency facilities in Yoshkar-Ola. The main founder of the Union who heads the organization's representative office in Germany (Munich) will participate to discuss the subtle aspects of conducting field marketing research and finding potential partners, opportunities and prospects for organizing deliveries of test products to customers in the EU countries, organizing mutual business missions, and participation of Mari El’s companies in exhibitions in 3-4 quarters of 2021.

The date of the event is currently being agreed with the Agency, and we invite interested representatives of enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses of Mari El to take part in it.

At the same time, during the visit to Yoshkar-Ola, representatives of the Machine-Building Plant of Mari El discussed the organization of the Union's search for foreign partners for the leading enterprise of the Republic. 

The Union of Business and Cultural Cooperation «Volga-Rhine» is ready to provide consulting services to enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses such as individual marketing research on foreign markets, assistance in searching for business partners/consumers in Europe and in promoting competitive products of the Volga Federal District companies to the EU market. The full list of services provided can be found on our website in the «Cooperation» section.